Saturday, September 20, 2014

Introduction to the Off-the-grid series

You'd think that an introduction should go first, right?  Well, this introduction has come after more than 40 posts have been written.

After this many posts, it should be obvious that the plan will evolve over time.  For example, this plan started with the idea of living in a conex.  As of this writing, I am thinking of converting my van to an RV and park it under a solar shed.

So, the introduction should be as general as possible as to allow for flexibility because the plans can evolve even more.

With that in mind, I turn to the Table of Contents post, which is out of sequence as well.  At that post, you can survey all the posts at one time, and go to whatever interests you at that point.  Each post has a link to the previous post and the next post in sequence.

Why go off-the-grid?  Is that a bit kooky?  Perhaps it is.  At the very least, in my own case, it is necessary in order to make it on limited means.  But it can also mean something bigger and perhaps even significant in terms of what it could mean if it ever caught on on a large scale.  On a more modest note, it can help people who need to find a way to live on a very limited budget.

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