Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Can the election be thrown into the House?

Possibly, if this story isn't more fake news.

Could Hillary win outright?  Only if a substantial number of GOP electors vote for Hillary.

If nobody gets a majority in the electoral college, the election goes to the House, which is controlled by the GOP.  Now, in the House, they can consider only the top three vote getters.  It would seem likely that only Hillary and Trump plus a possible third candidate could be considered.  That third candidate more than likely would be a GOP candidate.   It would seem inconceivable that enough GOP electors could flip to Hillary in order to make her president.

Even if Hillary won the electoral vote, it still has to be certified.  Considering the circumstances, it would seem likely that a challenge to that outcome would have to be considered.  In my opinion, the GOP in the House would  have to be nuts to give it to Hillary.  The anti Trump contingent is too small to put another GOP'er other than Trump in the White House.

In my opinion, this is fake news because this isn't going to happen.  It is mere speculation.


No way Hillary wins.  Even if the Electoral College (EC) selects Hillary, a Congressional challenge can be made on the basis of tampering with the EC.   The GOP led Congress would be foolish to allow Hillary to win, and to thus become president.  They would then put a GOP'er in the White House.  They could not choose anyone other than one of the top three vote getters.  One of those may not even be Hillary if more electors voted against her than for her.  There aren't enough never Trumpers to deny Trump victory.

conclusion:  FAKE


Game, set, match!

Electoral votes have to be validated by each individual state's secretary of state.

Since over half of those states bound the electors by law the official is within their rights to refuse to count that vote.

State legislatures have almost total power over how electors are chosen, so if a massive wave of electors decided to break from their pledge, the state legislature could effectively choose their own slate.

So, none of this talk means a doggone thing.


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