Friday, December 16, 2016

A personal post

After that last post, which was very unsympathetic to the lefties, I now write a post that some may think as an appeal for sympathy.

Those who disagree with me may read it with pleasured scorn.  They might well be glad to hear that I am having troubles.

Troubles indeed!  The worse trouble in this world that a man can have.  A matter of life and death itself.  All the while, not having any monetary means by which to meet that challenge.

A lot of lefties are quite rich, you know.  They could help, but would they?

Would I even bother to ask

Ask for what?  Well, I would like to get my biopsy done at MD Anderson in Houston.  The doctor there is highly recommended, but need I 26.5k bucks to get a consultation, which is money I do not have.  By the way, that money does not pay for the biopsy itself.  You can see that this will run into quite a bill.

I may have other options, but this one is preferred.

I would accept help from most quarters.  But if the price is too high, I will choose another option.

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