Sunday, February 28, 2016

Super Tuesday

That time already?  If the election is the first Tuesday in the month, then that day will be coming right up this week.

It snuck up on me.  Seems like a lot of things are, unfortunately.

I must be too civilized.  The Lone Watie character in the movie, "The Outlaw Josie
Wales", said his tribe was called civilized because they were easy to sneak up on. I am with Lone Watie on that one.  I hate this android so much I am going to sneak up on it and smash it one of these days.

Trump got snuck up on in that debate, so I hear.  Cruz and Rubio took turns beating him up.  I did not see it, but it will not make any difference to me.  The two senators are responsible for the failure that is in DC.  Going after Trump does not answer for that.

If I could , I would sneak up on those rascals and teach em a lesson.  I can vote, that may be enough.  Assholes.

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