Thursday, March 3, 2016

Trump is more like Constantine than Caesar

Now my history is not complete and what I know about it may have some holes, but here goes anyway with my point.

The GOP and traditionalists are trying to make the argument that Trump is Caesar--- the guy who ended the Roman Republic; and is comparable to him, and will thus end the American Republic.

Trump is no general.  But he does appear to be a warrior.  He will fight.  The GOP, on the other hand won't fight.  They simply roll over and play dead while the Democrats steamroller the republic.  All the GOP will do about their complaints of Democrat depredations is talk, but in the end, they do nothing.  Trump suggests that they do something to save the nation, but they fight him instead of fighting the Democrats.

Caesar conquered Gaul, as well as other territories that made up the old Empire, which at the time was still a Republic.  But the Roman Republic itself was dying.  Not only was Caesar a warrior, but he was a talented, if not gifted general.  He won battles in which he had no business winning.  The dying Republic tried to contain him, and control him, but he would not let himself be contained by a bunch of mediocrities.  Consequently, the talented general destroyed the failing Republic, and laid the foundation of empire, because the Republic was already dead or dying due to neglect and incompetence of its leadership.

To compare Caesar with Trump is not apt.  Trump may be a talented businessman, but he has not demonstrated talent as a general.   He has not conquered new territory.  He has not fought any battles that resulted in the real loss of life.  He has just now entered the political sphere.   He is a neophyte, not a seasoned general.

Battles will be fought for something.  But what exactly?

I don't get the sense that Trump wants to be a king nor an emperor. I do get a sense that Trump wants to be great, and he want America to be great.  But he is not Caesar.  By the time Caesar got where he was, he had won many great battles.  Trump hasn't earned those kind of stripes yet.

I see Trump as Constantine, who was no Christian, if my information is correct.  Constantine won in the name of Christianity, and under its unifying banner.  But he was no Christian himself.  He was saving a failing Empire, not trying to restore a flagging Republic.  Constantine was saving Rome as a Roman, not to save Christianity in the name of Christ.  But like Trump, he was not part of the established order.  The Christians were outsiders at that time.

What makes Trump a Constantine is that Trump wants to restore American greatness, not to restore the other things that are already lost.  If the Republic is being lost, but not lost yet, it is well on the way to being lost because those who complain about Trump as being the next Caesar that ends the Republic are the very ones who watch and do nothing while the Republic is already dying from their neglect.  Trump doesn't have to be a conquering Caesar.  That outcome is already being decided by default.  Trump is only trying to restore a failing civilization.  He is more like Constantine.

The GOP is more like the heathens who complain that Trump-Constantine isn't more like them.  But to be like them doesn't save the Republic.  Their failure to act is what did the Republic in.

A Trump win doesn't end the Republic.  But the GOP isn't about saving the American Republic.  It is about saving their places in the rotting order as it now exists.

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