Saturday, March 5, 2016

Moonshot update

Even though it may not seem that way, I have been planning the move out West.  Yep, that is still on, but may be getting a wee bit shaky.

Too many things seem to be working against me.  The latest seems to be that septic tank thing.  I wanted to do away with that, but it seems that this will be unlikely.  If you build the thing, it will use a lot of water, and that is hard to come by out there.

It struck me that I could build it, but not necessarily use it.  Or another thought: even though the regulators assume that you will use a lot of water, just follow through with my plans not to use much water at all.   Therefore, I could still use it, but sparingly.

Here is a proposition:  get the trailer, build the septic tank, and do not build a cabin.  When you leave the place, take the trailer with you.

But why build the septic tank when you can dump at an RV dump station?  That may be a good point.  The land protective agreement I have says that if you live on the land, you have to have a septic tank.  If the regulators figure you are living on the land, you have to build one anyway.

Hook up the RV when you are there, and disconnect when you leave.

The other objection is the cost.  I will have to see about that.

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