Wednesday, March 2, 2016

The trouble today

As you may recall in an earlier post, I began this blog as a quest into what has gone wrong.  Fairly recently, I had a short series of posts in which I asserted that the problem is spirtual, not material.

So, this post will be a little more along those lines.

If you follow Barnhardt, you may have noticed her disapproval of the current Pope.  One thing about this guy that stands out to me is that he seems to like to hang out with fairy princesses.  It is said that in Europe, that the churches are mostly empty these days.  Yes, with a fairy Pope like this, it is easy to see why.  Let's face it.  The homosexuals have taken over the Catholic Church.  Who is going to support that but the small number of disaffected people known as homosexuals?  They are not content with having their own space, in which they are not happy and can never be in their unnatural state--- they have to invade everyone else's.  Instead of growing the church, this "inclusiveness" has all but destroyed it and opened the door to Islam.

The homosexuals want conflicting things.  They want to be abnormal, but want to be considered to be normal.  Homosexuality is abnormal.  It must be so, or we would not be here.

The homosexuals want approval of their behavior.  But their behavior is strange and unnatural.  The homosexuals attack the Church by claiming the disapproval of their behavior is not in accordance with Christianity.  But nowhere in Christianity can it be found that homosexual behavior is the natural and preferred order of human life.  Actually, it is the reverse.  Therefore, in order to get approval of their unnatural behavior, they have to destroy the thing that defines the Church, which the conviction of sin.  For if there were no sin, then why do you need a Savior?

In order to save themselves in our society, they have to destroy the foundations of it.  This cannot be unless we wish to collectively hold a gun to our heads and shoot ourselves.   We cannot live with the notion that homosexuality is normal.  It must be considered as sin, or otherwise it will destroy our civilization.

That may be considered an extreme point of view.  If so, then so be it.  Truth is truth.  Homosexuality does not build nations, it destroys them.

This is so even if you are not a believer.  If you believe, it also destroys souls, which is even more precious than nations.  Your soul is immortal.  Nations come and go.  What you choose to do in this life will decide the fate of your soul for eternity.  Be careful about your choices.  You only get one chance at this.

As for me, let me turn a phrase.  Patrick Henry said "give me liberty or give me death".   So, I say with respect to homosexuality that it is better to be dead than to give in to its temptations.  If were to be tempted, I would prefer death over becoming one of those people.  So, anyone who would want to convert me by force or by reason into becoming one of those, be it known that I would rather die first.

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