Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Obligatory, 3.1.16

Yesterday was an eventful day even though I did not post.  I turned in my Nextel, which was used as a two way radio for deliveries.  Yep, I am out.  Cannot hack it anymore doing the delivery thing.

For better or worse, it is Uber now.  That means I have got to get out of this apartment.  It costs too much to live here.

But it is getting late in order to avoid additional costs, and unless I am willing to do something that may impact my credit in a negative way, I am stuck here for another six months at least.

This morning seemed to start off better.  My back felt a little better.  But I went into a coughing fit and I thought I was going to drown in snot.  A little exaggeration there, but it was pretty nasty all the same.  That seems to have died down, thank goodness.

Barnhardt has some interesting stuff up.   Check it out on the sidebar.  Morris thinks that Rubio cannot beat the Donald mano y mano.  The reason being that Cruz voters would go to the Donald, and not to Rubio.

So, it is either Trump or Cruz against the Democrat nominee.  Morris is not so sure about Hillary.   Interesting read, take a look.  It is also on the sidebar.

I will repeat my own opinion here.  Trump is the GOP's only chance.  Even Rubio, who might be able to win the general, will be a pushover.  Cruz will push back, but he cannot be elected.  This country will not elect an ideologue on the so called right.  They would, and have elected ideologues on the left.  The left has an advantage in this type of game, and if you go ideological, you lose to them.   Trump is not ideological, says Morris.  Well, neither was Reagan.  Reagan appealed across the party line to certain Democrats.   I think Trump will too.  This red blue thing is a loser for the GOP.  They should forget about it.

In short, the GOP is going to become irrelevant if they keep on going the way they are.  In fact, they already are irrelevant.  Homosexual marriage?  If the GOP mattered, this would not have happened.   Maybe some day the GOP will learn.  If they do, they may get their act together.

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