Saturday, June 20, 2015

Has Limbaugh "grown"?

When a conservative "grows", he becomes more liberal.

So, I ask the question on the topic of homosexuality:  has Limbaugh "grown"?  The reason I ask this question is that I think he has, and I'm searching for the evidence of it, because I'm sure it exists somewhere.  But, I'm not quite finding it.

What I'm referring to is his first two books, which I bought.  I'm sure somewhere in them there is a statement to the effect that homosexuals recruit, they aren't "born that way".  The latter phrase--"born that way"-- is a latecomer to the discussion.  Basically what I recall Rush saying or writing is that they recruit.

There is a short blurb that is supportive of my contention, but it isn't a slam dunk.

So, he might get by, barely on that point.

Lately, Rush seems to be hinting ever so subtly that homosexuals really are "born that way".  Again, there's no slam dunk here, but when he claims that they represent only a small proportion of the population, I infer from that that he means to say that they are "born that way", and thus not recruited.  Rush may have "grown" more liberal.

My own opinion is that homosexuals want marriage in order to increase their ranks.  Give homosexual marriage a seal of approval, and then it becomes okay for them to do things that they couldn't do before.  It's not just marriage that is being referred to here.  It is the entire continuum of behavior that is under attack.

They know this empowers them, and that's why they want it.  It increases their numbers and power.  Unfortunately, there are too many people who are unthinkingly giving them this new means to undermine society.  It must be resisted firmly.

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