Monday, June 15, 2015

The politicians really do have us wrapped around their little finger

They have got us at each other's throats.  That's exactly where the politicians want us.  For if we are fighting amongst ourselves, they can rule over us.  "Divide and conquer" is king, and the spoils belong to them and we pay for it.

Francis Poretto wrote something recently about the racial riots and such.  Such things aren't very helpful, and they only go skin deep.  One has to keep in mind why the black people are suffering.  It's because of their leaders, who blame it all on the white man.  It's their leaders and our leaders who are letting us down.

I work around black folks a lot.  I think the average black individual "gets it".  But they are still going to vote for the same old leaders who are driving them towards despair.  They still trust their leaders.  By the way, when I say they "get it", I mean that they understand not to get enamored with this modern popular culture.  So, many of them don't follow the homosexual marriage fad.

Homosexual marriage is then directed to the white man to drag him down.  While the white folks fall for that ploy, the black folks can look down their noses at white people's self immolation.  The white folks, in turn, can look down their noses at the black folk's rioting and go "tut, tut".  Behind it all are the politicians who are driving all this.  Both white and black suffer under the politician's malevolence, but they are led to believe that their troubles are with the rank and file of the other races, when it is the politicians who are at fault.

The politicians won't solve problems.  They create them and then they exploit them for their own purposes.

We are getting mad at the wrong people.

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