Saturday, June 20, 2015

Ace: Jurassic World Isn't Just Sexist -- It's Also Racist

The left wingers have an allergy to the truth.  When caught in a lie, they just can't admit it.  The background of the story is here, which I wasn't familiar with.

I should point out that I was willing to be indulgent with Williams, as it may be possible to make an honest mistake.  But you can't make an honest mistake about what Williams said.  He had to know that he wasn't being honest when he said what he said.  He embellished the story, but he had more serious misrepresentations earlier than that.  That indicates a pattern.

His apology can hardly be called one:

Williams appeared on the Today show with Matt Lauer to do a modified limited hang-out -- he admitted the humanizing reason for his transgression (it was "ego-driven") but refused to admit the transgression itself (he won't say he lied).

 Not that the truth matters anymore in postmodern America, though.

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