Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Home again, 6/16/15

Actually, I've been home for a couple hours.  I'm still checking out the requirements for the Uberizing that I'm undergoing.

The insurance and license plates arrived today.  Yay.  My enthusiasm is overwhelming.

This is getting to be a bit tough, I dare say.

I figured the insurance may be bad, but the bill is a killer.  It seems that I have to make a choice about my jobs.  Keeping both vehicles is uneconomical, unless I just want to work on Saturdays just to see if I can make a bit of money that way.  I'd be lucky to get my money back, I'd say.

Once I enter the info, then I can concentrate on getting licensed by the City of Houston.  Yay again.

Actually, that doesn't seem as onerous as it did this morning, but still...

All of this for an experiment.  I thought it would be helpful for my El Paso relocation.  This had better work now.

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