Monday, June 15, 2015

Ann Barnhardt is okay ( for now )

She finally posted something.  That was a long wait.  Over two weeks.  If I went two weeks without posting, my numbers would go to zero.  That's cuz it ain't that far down!

I argued with some of her posts on this here blog.  But I find that she seems to be right an awful lot.

One book that she recommended, Four Witnesses, is an excellent read.  It is excellent for more reasons than just being well-written.  We are being cut off from who we are.  We descended from Christians, who earned their position in Western Civilization from the blood of the martyrs.  We are forgetting that, and this is no accident.

There is a story that Shakespeare will no longer be on the syllabus.  Just another casualty in this war against Western Civilization and how we are being robbed of our inheritance.

Homosexuals cannot trace their ancestry.  For they have none.

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