Saturday, June 20, 2015


You may note that there's a picture of me with the Internet celebrity dudes Rhett and Link.  Back in 2011, they did a cross country trek as a part of their move out West in order to set up shop out there.  This was an opportunity to meet them, and so they said to bring a "piece of America" along to share.

My piece as a bit of family lore connected to the gusher at Spindletop Texas.  Perhaps you all have heard of it.  The family lore was about how our ancestors were swindled out of some of that fortune.  "Swindletop" was the infamous nickname given to the shenanigans that went on there.  Fortunes were made, or were they stolen?

Actually, I never did give much credence to the story, it was only a prop to promote my blog and youtube channel.  It didn't work of course.

Over the course of this blog, I am beginning to be of the opinion that swindling is more the rule rather than the exception.  No doubt, what is a part of my family lore may also be a part of many others who were cheated out of their fortunes.

I think of this when I read about the next financial debacle.  Some believe that we are on the cusp of that right now.  If it is true, then I am positioned to gain from it.  But what if I cannot collect?  What if I am swindled out of my fortune?

History has a tendency of repeating itself, doesn't it?

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