Saturday, May 20, 2017

Reassessment, continued

As for this blog, a topic given much attention recently, another area of analysis came to my attention.

The topic cloud device on the left side bar has consistently listed video and movies at the top, with politics a close second.  Third place goes to politics wtf, which was a new topic beginning in the third year of the blog.  It has been catching up, and lately, it has been catching up fast.

It is a reminder of how the blog has evolved over the years.  It began as a more technology and energy blog to more of a social political blog.  Always political, though.

The trend is more towards action, as opposed to passively writing about what others are doing.  For instance, my how-to topic probably took off in 2014, when I bought my property out west.  That topic relates to my own moonshot project, which the off-the-grid project of living out west in the desert.

Not satisfied with that, I am now considering a type of political activism.  But, on the other hand, no.  I'd LIKE to consider it.  Maybe it is more of a dream at this point.

I'm knocked back down into the passivity of merely reporting as opposing to doing.  I'd rather do more that just write about stuff.

Doing stuff is more credible and meaningful, than just writing or talking about stuff.

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