Friday, May 19, 2017

It truly is a waste of time, and perhaps even futile at this point, but...

Events are truly upsetting.  One has to be confused about the turn of events these days.  Looking upon the scene, how can it be otherwise?  What else can you do but protest?

There has been much consternation over the purported James Comey memo.  The memo is purportedly the reason that there must be an independent counsel.  So now there's an independent counsel.

The independent counsel is purportedly charged with investigating the Russian interference in the 2016 election.  It is based upon hacked DNC emails.  This was said to have done by the Russians.

The trouble with the above statements is that they have been debunked.  There's no truth to any of that.  Moreover, the deputy dawg of the AG, Rosenstein, must know this.  How can he NOT know this?  But he does.  He claims that political pressure had nothing to do with the naming of the independent counsel.  I know I saw this yesterday.  He said it.  Therefore, he must know that all of this is false.

If that is true, then why name a independent counsel at all?  tilt

Truly, this is all quite bizarre.  Yet, there it is.

Now, I see that Trump is said to be in a poor political position and must name a new FIB director.  It is said to be Lieberman.  Why is Trump in a poor political position?  Over nothing?  How can this be?

Truly, this is the Caine Mutiny being acted out according to the script.  It is Kayfabe, or fake.  Everybody seems to be taking it all quite seriously.

What else can you do but protest?  I dunno....

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