Monday, May 15, 2017

Just say no to a special prosecutor

I saw that phrase before, but had forgotten where, so I searched it.  Lo and behold, it was Rush Limbaugh.  It so happens that that discussion revolved around the new FBI director.  However, Schumer and some Democrats want to hold up the confirmation of a new director until a special prosecutor is named.

But why give in to that?  The acting director is a Obama holdover, so we want to get rid of him.  Trump can fire him too, if he wished.  In any event, there is already a director there, even if he is only an Obama holdover.  This already favors the Democrats.  There is no loss to them that Comey was fired.  Only that it is now established that Trump has the stones to fire somebody who displeases him even if the Democrats go nuts over it.

So, if the acting director gets out of line, fire his ass too.  The Republic will survive without a new director for awhile.  Meanwhile the Senate has to stay in session indefinitely so as to prevent a recess appointment.  Trump can appoint a director when the Senate adjourns.  Wait them out, I say.

No special prosecutor is necessary even if the Dems hold the appointment.  As for the rest of the Senate's business, that could be a problem.  If the Dems want to escalate, there may be a problem.

This could get quite interesting before it is over.

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