Thursday, May 18, 2017

What now?

After six and a half years of blogging, what am I to do?  After the naming of a special counsel in connection with the so-called Trump Putin connection, that isn't based upon one shred of evidence mind you, and knowing that  something like this has happened before in the last GOP administration, what should I do next?

Why should I trust the GOP now?  They simply will not defend themselves.  It makes no sense to me.

Let's look at what happened here, the bare facts.  If the GOP faithful thought Trump was a Russian agent, then why nominate him for the Presidency?  This story has been floated out there since last summer, BEFORE the GOP convention.  If they believed it, why name Trump as the GOP standard bearer?

If they believed that he was a Russian agent, why not go before the public with the evidence?  To my knowledge nobody did.  Nobody even gave the idea any serious consideration.   Since that time, nothing has changed in terms of evidence.  What has changed?  Nothing that I have heard.  Not a single blasted thing.

So, what to do?  This blog is supposed to be about what has gone wrong in our civilization and in this country.  What could be more blazingly obvious that something like this is happening right under our very noses.  This doesn't need much explanation, I would think.  It's all out there, in plain sight.

A bit of history here, if I may.  Remember the Valerie Plame affair?  Bob Novak wrote a column that supposedly outed a secret agent, who was supposedly Valerie Plame.  (Never mind if she was an actual agent or not.  I am so cynical of these people, I doubt almost every thing that they say.)  Anyway, she was supposed to have had her cover blown by the Novak article.  The Democrats were demanding that somebody be punished for this.  So, for some reason the Attorney General recused himself  ( just like Sessions just did ), and this allowed a Clinton associate named James Comey to appoint a special prosecutor.  I went over this yesterday.

How convenient for James Comey to be on the scene.  Well, howdy friggin' do!

The  "investigation" got Scooter Libby for obstruction of justice, a process crime.  Not Richard Armitage, the guy who actually spilled the beans.   Everybody already knew about Armitage before the special counsel was named, so there was no need for a special prosecutor to tell anybody the obvious.  But a scalp needed to be produced in order to appease the Democrats, and Libby was the fall guy.

Does the pattern of those events seem to match up the today's events?  Isn't it obvious?  Do I really need to explain this?

The Plame affair discredited the Bush Administration.  That was the point.  Yet the Bush Administration and the GOP allowed it all to happen.  Why?

That is what has got me banging my head against the wall.  Why do these people allow the Democrats to do this to them?  Aren't they supposed to be opposing the Democrats?

The GOP acts guilty and the public perceives them as being guilty, so the Democrats can pose as White Knights to save us from these evil guys.

What a crock of excrement.

That's what has me wondering why I will ever vote for the GOP, nor ever support anybody who has anything to do with the GOP.  That includes Trump, mind you.

The only thing that can change what I am thinking is something very, very solid.  But that's the problem.  There isn't anything but scurrilous attacks.  Nothing at all.  And the GOP allows this.

Well, howdy friggin' do.

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