Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Slain DNC staffer's family not happy about latest revelations

Right wing media is blamed for fanning conspiracy theories, it is alleged.

A private detective "hinted" that foul play was involved in DNC staffer's death, and that the DC police covered it up.  Also, that the DNC staffer was in contact with WikiLeaks.

It bears repeating that Hillary Clinton blamed WikiLeaks and James Comey for her loss last November to POTUS Donald Trump.  There would be a hint of a motive that the Clintons would have against the young staffer, and to get even with Trump for firing Comey.  Comey cleared the Clintons twice.

Democrats usually win in DC by very large margins.  Perhaps in the 90 per cent range.  There would be a large incentive to cover up such a crime.  There would also be hell to pay if anybody went against the party line, as is usually the case when somebody goes off the reservation.

It is reported that the staffer was killed in an execution type murder and the motive was not likely to be what the DC police reported.

'Anonymous sources' were used to confirm DNC WikiLeaks connection, which do not differ with the methods usually employed to make accusations against POTUS Trump.

Update(s) 13:46 : 

This could boomerang on the left big time.  Reason being that there are multiple accusations of murders being connected to the Clintonoids.

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