Friday, May 19, 2017

Donald Trump is not responsible for Rosenstein's cave in

Failure theater.  Fake.  Kabuki theater.  Kayfabe.   Different words for same thing.

The trouble with the so called right is not Trump, not a biased media, not low info voters, and not the Deep State;  but rather,  an empty character.


Dems are passionate about bad ideas;  pubs are indifferent to good ideas.

If pubs had passion about their ideas, they would never lose.  If Dems had brains, pubs would never win.

Update 5.20.17

One more thing.  I truly admire the Dem's passion.  And I truly despise the GOP's lack of same.  I do not join the Dems, because they are wrong.  I do not remain with the GOP, because they have no guts.

I wrote this before, there needs to be a new party.

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