Saturday, May 20, 2017

Uber should be returning to Austin soon

It is the closest city to me.  If I were to work for Uber again, I'd transfer there.

Unfortunately, I may not be able to return.  I'm checking it out, now.

after several minutes...

The website is different.  It is like I am still in Houston.   I know I transferred to San Antonio, but it isn't reflected here on the website.  It is almost like I have to start over.  I have no idea of what it would be like to work for Uber right now because I have not worked there since November.

I don't want to have to go to Houston and get another license.  I thought I cleared that up already.  Well, it may work out, but it looks kinda shaky.

It would be okay for me to work even though I am disabled on SS benefits.  Better be sure, though.

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