Saturday, May 20, 2017

Singleness of purpose

Again, I have to ask myself the question: what's next?

At the moment, I am rather agitated by what I am reading.  But what can I do about it?  If I was younger and healthier, I could do more.  If I tried to get active and fight this rotten garbage now, the fight would probably not last long.  I am rather fragile.  The slightest thing can cause problems for me.

It's not altogether unreasonable to suggest that I should not even be doing this much.  Seriously.  This tumor was and still is rather large.  It is in the bone, which is not good.  It is near the spinal cord, which is definitely not good.

The efforts being put forth are too little and perhaps too late.  Many people out there do not know the magnitude of this defeat yet.  But I suspect that they will find out soon.  Many of those people would probably be surprised at what little evidence there is to support what was done.  In fact, I would guess that there are a lot of people who might be surprised that there is more evidence that this investigation is really meant to hide a bigger crime.  Or even to hide the existence of a criminal network within the government itself, which is what the perpetrators of this fraud do not want people to know.

And so nobody really knows that what is being done purportedly in support of the people and this constitution, is actually a crime itself against the people and their constitution.

And so they don't know that they are being robbed systematically of their freedom.

They will happily surrender it in the name of defending it.

The truth can end this with a proper result, but the truth will not be revealed this way.  That is not the purpose of this "investigation".

The Devil cannot cast himself out.  A kingdom divided against itself cannot stand.  If Satan is the father of all lies, then the only way to cast Satan out is by way of the truth.

But will that happen here with an investigation based upon a false premise ?  How could it?

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