Monday, May 15, 2017

Ransomware attacks

There was a news article that supposedly tells you how to avoid attacks like these.  But it is short on specifics, like how to spot an attack early, and so on.

Details, details, details.  The article was short on details.

As I am often to say on this blog, Microsoft Windows is really starting to suck.

This latest ransomware threat was an exploitation of a weakness in the Windows system.  This is disgraceful.

For a multibillion dollar corporation to have a weakness like this in its flagship product is an absolute disgrace.

None of this is necessary.  Indeed, all of this is preventable.  But Microsoft is more interested in making money that in producing a quality product.

If Microsoft won't fix their product, they should be broken up, or have their corporate charter revoked.


I am going to look at Ubuntu again.  It was set up on my old netbook, but not this one.  This one is already one year old.  Time is passing by pretty fast.

Anyway, a bootable stick can be had for about fifteen bucks.  I won't order now, though.

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