Thursday, May 18, 2017

The Caine Mutiny as Kayfabe

It really looks like the Caine Mutiny, a movie made in the fifties, is being hacked in order to produce the Kayfabe drama in DC.

Trump is Captain Queeg, who seems bonkers to one of his officers.  That officer convinces the first officer to go to Admiral Halsey and tell them that the Captain is nuttier than a fruitcake.

Who's the first officer is our main drama queen spectacular?   I don't know who is.  Maybe it is the Trump supporters themselves.  They are supposed to give up the captain, but they won't until they are shown that the captain really is nuts.  Maybe it is Pence.  Who's the guy who convinces the first officer that the captain might be nuts?  There are plenty of candidates for that part.  They probably deserve the kind of dressing down the officer in the film got from the defense counsel in the flick.

The first officer in the movie was convinced of the captain's quirkiness by a number of strange actions that the captain took.  Finally, the first officer was convinced when, in a typhoon, the captain seemed to freeze up.  Is Trump freezing up?

Then there was the mutiny.  The first officer took over and brought the ship out of the typhoon safely.  A court martial  ensued, and the captain was found to be unfit after all.  We've got our mutiny now with a special prosecutor being named.  Maybe Rosenstein is the guy who needs a drink thrown in his face, as was done in the movie.

So, how does this Kayfabe drama queen scenario play out?  Well, the first officer has to be convinced that the captain really is nuts.  The first officer has to take over.  Maybe that might be Pence.  The court martial must take place.  That would be impeachment and trial.  If successful, and if it gets that far, Trump will be removed from office.  The first officer will now be captain.  yay /sarc

Did they steal the script or what?  Better find those strawberries.

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