Friday, May 19, 2017

Quite amusing, but not so

Just ran across something on Ace.  He thinks that Limbaugh has the best "strategery" going forward.

No direct quote here, but a paraphrasing:  Limbaugh thinks Trump should go forward on repealing Obamacare and tax cuts, but the GOP doesn't want to.

What struck me as funny was that the GOP would love to cut corporate rates.  If that is all that Trump wanted to do, he could get it through Congress and the Dems might even agree to it.  Why?  Because the GOP mostly are Globalists / Corporatists.  So are the Dems.  Oh, the Dems may want higher rates on individuals, but the GOP could not agree to that.  The GOP must maintain appearances, and raising tax rates on individuals just won't do.  But they wouldn't object to it very much.

Now what I think they should do is to cut taxes on individuals and raise taxes on corporations.  The liberals and the Dems would have a hard time saying no to this, and the GOP would do it out of fear of the people, not because they wanted to.

So, basically I think Rush is full of it.  But he usually is.

Update (s):  5.19.17, 6:13

What could possibly make it through Congress is an increase in the subsidies under Obamacare lite, and "paying for it" with a tax increase on corporations.  The Dems would find it hard to resist, while the GOP scumbags would hate it.  But it would serve them right for the way they've acted.

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