Sunday, December 31, 2017

MC4 follies

Originally posted 12.30.17:

Well, I have put together the rest of those connectors that I figure I can salvage. I need some more, so I ordered them.  They should arrive in about a week.  I wanted to get some sooner than that, but they want a ridiculous amount of money for them, so I will wait.

My luck is that this crazy Texas weather will get warm by then.  And stay warm.  As of now though, it has gotten cold.  Below freezing frickin' cold, Mr. Bigglesworth.

Also, I may be able to scare down a deep cycle battery for a reasonable price.  This too, however, will have to wait.

In the meantime, in between time, ain't we got fun.  cold?

Hey Algore, when will the polar bears get down here?  They are going to eat me, or I will eat them.  It is a matter of who get the drop first.

The original post follows:

Well, here I am again.  It is about to get a bit colder, and I am still wanting to figure out something to help with the warming up of the place.

The idea is to NOT spend a beaucoup bunch of money that I really cannot afford.  Just got a bill for that MRI in October.  Why they decide to wait almost three months is something I cannot figure.  I guess they like to annoy people like me who get annoyed a bit too easily.

Not being content with being annoyed with the doctor's bills, I decide to try these mc4 thingies again.

Anyway, there some mc4 connectors that I have left over from earlier attempts to make electrical connections with them.  These look like they should be a snap, but for some strange reason, I am not getting them to work properly.  I have bought maybe twenty of these boogers, and maybe, ( maybe!) two of them work right.  So, with these leftovers from previous attempts to work with them, I am going to attempt to learn how to ( once and for all ) to master the ( skill?) of putting them together properly.  ( fancy that )

Just before I wrote this, I must have spent the better part of the morning studying these dern things.  I think ( think? ) that I have these figured out.  But I thought I had 'em figured out already.  Not such luck.  I noticed that my thingies that I put together previously weren't fitting properly.  I think.

Let me see if I can remember this for future reference.  Because after all this aggravation, I would prefer not to forget it again.  ( fat chance)  The female end has the SMALLER of the metal piece thingies that fit inside it.  The male end has the LARGER of the metal piece thingies that fit inside it.  The female metal piece thingie must insert into the plastic holder thingie that holds it all together, as does the male metal piece thingie that fits into its own plastic holder thingie.  The female metal piece thingie must stick in its plastic thingie far enough ( which is hard to tell because you cannot see in there at all ) so that the male metal piece thingie will slide over it.  The male plastic holder thingie will slide into the female plastic holder thingie, and when that happens, the juice can flow.  That's provided that all the pieces are put together correctly, and the wires are connected properly, and the battery is connected properly, etc. etc. etc.  I thought some of these pieces were interchangeable, now I am not so sure.  There's some plastic cap thingies that fit over the end of the plastic holder thingies that hold the metal piece thingies that all connect together.  Seems that they may be of different sizes, but to tell you for certain, I am not sure right now.  Doesn't matter, they come preassembled.  You have to disassemble before you reassemble so that you can make it all work.  But you must not get them mixed up, or something may not fit right.  If it doesn't fit, you don't get shit get out of them.  Please do not disassemble one plastic holder thingie at a time.  Just in case you forget which is which, don't even think about doing that.

Hopefully this is all clear.  I wouldn't want to get annoyed trying to make sense out of these directions.  These mc4 connectors don't seem to have directions.  If they did, they would be in Chinese, which I cannot read.  Even when they write in English, they get it wrong.  But don't get me started on that.

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