Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Don Surber: Three reasons Hatch is retiring

Don Surber: Three reasons Hatch is retiring: Orrin Hatch has represented Utah well in the Senate for more than four decades. The experts are going on about how his decision not to seek ...


Check out the comment section of this post.  There is an anonymous comment that is full of venom.  You see, that is why I do not permit anonymous comments.  Not that I am afraid of them, no.  No, I won't do it because I won't give an opportunity for that kind of thing on this blog.  If these people have any courage, they will put their own names on what they say.  But they won't.  They use the cloak of secrecy the same way the KKK does.  Nobody decent acts that way in public.  So the cloak allows them to be indecent because they don't want to be seen as so hateful.  Evil loves the dark, which is in the heart of this individual.  Shameful!

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