Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Charades - by Robert Ringer

Charades - by Robert Ringer: Watching the lies coming out of Washington — “tax reform,” “Russian collusion,” “sexual harassment,” to name but a few — reminds me of one of my favorite movies, Charade.  …

$$$ Quotes:

  • "people love to be deluded"
  • "lying is a way of life for politicians"
  • "it’s wise to be vigilant about monitoring your perception of reality as a protection against buying into the charades that surround you."


Here, here.  Did you know that Moore got a lot less votes than Trump?  The people who voted for Trump did not vote for Moore.  Did they buy into the charades against Moore, but not Trump?  What was the real difference between Trump and Moore?  There must have been one.  Yet, Bannon campaigned for Moore, so go figure.  Alabamans must have been listening to somebody.

Ann Coulter called Moore a Holy Roller Christian.  Why?  For defending the Ten Commandments and traditional marriage?  Again, why do people listen to these charades?  Ten Commandments and traditional marriage are pretty fundamental to Christianity, not "holy roller".  Maybe Ringer has it right.  They love to be deluded.

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