Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Obligatory, 7.5.17

Why use the term in the title?  I want to put up something every day.  Plus, I don't have any thoughts, except maybe some that I do not want to post about.

One thing that I am thinking about is putting a tarp over this trailer in order to control the heat.  I did some measurements and some calcs.  It may be possible to buy just a few things to make this work.  How long will it last?  Who knows?

One thought occurred to me is that it complicates rainwater collection if I use a tarp.

Another thing on the agenda is to sell my van.   I hate selling it.  It is listed, but only one called so far.  It may be hard to sell it for what I am asking, but it is well worth the money.  Forget what the "book" says.  It is a good van.  I need to pay down some debts.  The van is just taking up space and it costs money to keep it.

Almost half way to the next MRI for this cancer therapy thing.  It is supposed to be three months, and it is already six weeks in as of yesterday.

I'm using a lot of bandwidth, doggone it.  I will have to add, because I am running out of data.

The news is nuts, as usual.  What can I say?

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