Monday, July 3, 2017

Obligatory, 7.3.17

I don't know what it is, maybe it is just burn out.  This political stuff these days is so nutty that I just cannot get into it anymore.

So, I need to find ways to use my mental energy.  But I am kinda boxed in.  Cannot work, or risk losing my disability.  Besides, I don't know if I get back into the same situation as before, anyway.  I could work for awhile, but I would get sore.

What if I go to work, get sore again, and then the gov says, "you can work"?  I would be up the infamous creek without a paddle.  I have enough trouble as is.

However, the amount I am getting isn't enough for what I like to do.  Plus, I have a butt load of debt to service.

B eye itch, b eye itch.

Well, I can simulate it, if I cannot go out west.  Currently, I am using my rainwater, or attempting to use it.  If I don't use it, I will have to dump it.  I cannot just let it sit around for awhile.  Mosquitoes may attempt to breed in standing water.  Gotta be careful.

The method to clean it up may have been described already.  Once again, I use a wash rag dipped in a container full of the rainwater.  It must be higher than the collecting container.  I stretch out the wet rag so that it can drip into the collecting container.  The rag will soak up the rainwater, and then filter it out somewhat, then deposit it in the container.  I added a used zero filter to clean it up even more. Then the water goes through my other filters, which yields zero dissolved solids.  Finally, I hit it with 90 secs of ultraviolet light, which is supposed to sterilize it, if it isn't sterilized already.  The final product should be potable water.  At any rate, I have already drunk some, and I am not sick.  So there.

In addition, I can use rainwater directly in my swamp cooler.   If it would only cool better, but this sun is a mofo.

Climate control is an issue.  In order to get good control of the heat, the trailer must be covered.  But that is a lot of money for lumber and so forth.  Isn't there a way to do it cheeeeep?

I have a butt load of tarp.  Maybe I can figure out something to do with that.

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