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People might confuse this with white supremacy.  I never associated with these people, and I do not have any sympathy for them.

What I regret is that the good that was is being thrown out with the bad.  How does that make things better?

The point that I am trying to make is that those who are doing this do not do it with goodwill in their hearts.

Please do not be deceived...

The original post follows:

Been all over the map this morning.  That is, in terms of thoughts.  How do you make a post out of that?

I visit a lot of webpages, you see.  I am looking for a common thread that goes through it all.  Maybe it is confusion.

Very little of what happens makes sense to me.

One of the things I did was to go to my high school webpage.  I knew very few of the people who have passed away.  Those who I did have a remembrance of, I didn't recognize.  People change a lot over the years, I suppose.

Anyway, I wonder how this globalism managed to sneak up on us all?  The face of our nation is changing, you know.  It is getting darker.  People will call that racist.  But what is racism?  A desire to maintain one's culture in the face of a different and hostile culture?  Why should one have to defend oneself for that, of all things?  But in this culture today, you do.

So I look at the high school webpage and remember what Houston was like in the seventies.  It was almost lily white.  It certainly isn't like that now.  In fact, once the white folks pass, the white survivors will most likely become a minority.  What will that mean for our culture?  It cannot remain as it is now, and that is what I think these people want.  I suspect that their plans to undermine this nation will likely succeed.

Perhaps along the same line of thought, but different.  I went to the Nextbigfuture site, where breakthrough technologies get discussed.  There was a talk of carbon nanontube transistors, and how much superior there will be.  But one of the commenters mentioned that these won't be made any time soon.

People love to speculate about a brilliant future.  But in my lifetime, things have not changed all that much.  Aside from computers, much of what we have now, we had back then.  It goes along with my thinking that material progress has slowed down a lot.  It may even reverse and go backwards.

The people who join these "green" movements may not realize that this motivation is not being driven by a desire to improve or conserve things.  It is being driven by a malicious desire to destroy, I suspect.

Why is it not green to eliminate carbon dioxide when you use nuclear reactors?  I think the answer is that an effective energy source is not desired, and if one was found, they would try to suppress it. Answers are not desired.  Chaos is desired.  How and why did this take root in our society?  Progress seemed to be the big thing when I was young.  It still is, but it has been redefined.  Progress today is like regression was before.  People seem to want to return to the Garden of Eden, so to speak.  Well, we're past that now.

In summary, we are not heading toward the Jetsons, but to the Flintstones.

Yabba dabba doo!

Wait a minute.  They will say "allahu ahkbar".  If you don't get on your face and towards Mecca, the morality police will cut your throat.  But look on the bright side.  We will be free.

Yeah, right.

For this, I am a "deplorable".  What a sickening bunch of people we have leading us.  Why do people follow this?

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spymaster said...

When Nixon opened the door to China, he contributed massively to globalization. We were the King of the mountain from WWII onward, but we stepped down we were not pulled down. Daddy Bush's New World Order was a continuation , even a refinement of Nixon's Open China strategy. It pains me to say that Reagan was fine with the push for a service economy that began the purification of manufacturing self sufficiency. Obama did many bad things but none of his programs were innovations.