Sunday, March 27, 2016

The problem within

It's a lot easier to externalize blame, and to point fingers at the other guy.  Much harder to take a very hard look in the mirror, and to be honest about your own contributions to the problems that we all face.

That is the kind of day I'm having.  This morning, I got up and proceeded to get ready for work.  Yeah, I know it is Easter Sunday, and maybe it would be better to stay home.

First ride request took me to a bar, in which I guessed that my ride would be a drunk person.  Uber doesn't provide a lot of info about the ride before the request is accepted.  Moreover, since I don't frequent these kind of places, the address wasn't familiar to me.  When I realized what was happening, I got a bad feeling.   I don't want these kind of rides.

But I didn't cancel yet.  I went to the location indicated by the request and waited.  Nobody showed up for a couple minutes, and I got to thinking how I preferred to be somewhere else.

Then I got a call from the rider who was incoherent.   That did it.  It  was too much like the drunk who attacked the Uber driver, which was recorded by the driver in a video, so I cancelled the trip, and came home.

On the way home, I was all set to be outraged that people would get drunk like this on Easter Sunday, but then I realized my own behavior wasn't perfect either.  These people are in dire need of help, and I won't help.  That made me feel a bit guilty.

Once I got back home, I resolved to go back out later.  Here it is, at noon, and I'm still home.

I need the money, but here I am at home.  What am I doing?!

Back on the internet, and posting about this silly ass election.  Another reason to be outraged at others.  Or is it just an excuse?

I ended up downloading something that claims to be good for your health.  Better this than getting attacked by a drunk, but I spent money instead of making it.

Oh, well.

I preach about solving problems, but I can't seem to solve my own.  And so it goes.

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