Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Rush "muzzles" himself on giving political opinions

What a cop out!

Look, he's got to have an opinion, but he won't state it.  He says it is because people won't listen anymore.

Yeah, I can buy that.  But I am not buying that he doesn't have an opinion.

Stefan Molyneax goes over the tactics employed by those who are attacking Trump.  He says that they take a small part of what he says and then blow it all up.  That's exactly what the so called conservatives are doing with what Trump said at that townhall.  Trump gets a question about the roles of government and he answers security, security, security.  But then he goes on and adds a few others, and maybe it is under prompting, but he does say some no noes.  Then the conservatives just go nuts over it.  Just like the libs and the rinos.  Sorry, Trump didn't say all those things that you said he said.

In other words, they are acting like liberals in the same way the liberals mischaracterize conservatives, while they do it to Trump.  You'd think that the conservatives wouldn't do this, but there it is.

Limbaugh could say this, which should be obvious to him, but he can't because he'd lose a lot of his audience.  It was Limbaugh who made these people act like this-- that is to say, they won't listen.  If he didn't, who did?  It's his listeners that he's afraid of offending.

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