Friday, April 1, 2016

A lot more needs to be said

Ann Coulter is one of the prominent people who are defending Trump.  Limbaugh is sort of defending Trump. But there needs to be more in order to counter the noise machine coming from the so-called conservative camp.

Part of the trouble with Cruz is that he is trying to align with this element.  I know you have to unite the party and so forth, but this wing of the party is way the hell out there.  It may not be possible to unite with them, because in doing so, you water down and confuse what you claim to support.

All Trump is doing is to propose that we look at things that these people won't budge an inch on--  such as open borders and unlimited trade uber alles.   His ideas seem reasonable and just.  What is so bad about them?  The noise prevents any reasonable discussion.

The opposition says that Trump wants to destroy NATO and such things.  These are gross exaggerations, if not outright falsehoods.  Then Cruz comes in and adopts that kind of language.  If you disagree, then they bring vituperation down on your unlucky head.  These are left wing tactics that have no place in the GOP, if it is to be a true opposition party.

We are not getting the truth about the differences between the candidates.  The only way to counter this is with equal determination to equal the noise machine in terms of getting the message out.

Another example, Cruz won't support Trump, neither will Kasich, so why don't they lose their delegates?  Trump said that he expected fair treatment.  If the GOP accepted that then on those terms, then why don't they honor those terms, and keep their end of the bargain?

More people like Coulter need to step forward in order to accomplish equal time.  There is too much propaganda that isn't being countered.

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