Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Trump, the lightening rod

Dick Morris reports that Trump has added 14 million voters to the GOP rolls.

What is driving this?

After watching another Stefan Molyneax video of how Trump is mischaracterized, I'm thinking that Trump may be attracting that somehow.  He becomes a lightening rod, thus receiving all the energy to himself.

If the GOP succeeds in getting him out, they will shrink these voter rolls back down to what they were before.

Yet, all this seems crazy.  One thing is certain, very little of serious import is being discussed right now.  If one is of serious bent, one longs for that, as this silly stuff degrades the discussion.  Yet, Trump seems to feed upon it.  It worked as long as he was discussing things people care about.  But nobody cares about this stupid garbage.  At least, I don't.

Trump made himself a serious candidate.  He needs to get serious.

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