Thursday, March 31, 2016

National Review

They need Bill Buckley back.

This hyperventilated piece is supposed to turn conservatives, I suppose.  The trouble is that there is so much of this garbage out there.  People might get wobbly if they think they are one of the very few.

That doesn't bother me.  Unfortunately, not everybody is like me.  What I'm talking about is that character trait of being rational.  It is one of my conceits.  No, I'm human.  Not always rational.  But I make the effort.  If any effort like that  was being made here, the discussion could be much different.

I suspect the crowd will be herded toward Cruz.  I'm not going.  I'm not impressed with him.

Limbaugh can't talk freely.  You people are becoming just like the PC crowd that runs the left.  If anybody disagrees with you, you go on the attack.  I thought conservatives were better than that.  Apparently not.

I do not need to be a part of your clique.  So stick your clique.

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