Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Campaign jiujitsu

A bit of speculation here, as I examine the wreckage of the last ten days or so.

With respect to Trump, could the attack on his wife been part of a strategy to turn Trump's feisty attitude against him?

First, there was the mention of his wife's pictures in GQ magazine.  Trump's response was to attack Cruz through his wife.  The response of Cruz was to get outraged at that, but not return the attack in the same vein.  Finally, the business about Cruz's alleged infidelity, and Cruz's accusation that Trump was behind it.

Trump denies the accusation, and that seems plausible, but he did go after Heidi Cruz.  This makes it seem plausible that he would stir up a sex scandal.  There are those who may side with Cruz, because of Trump's aggressiveness would seem to indicate guilt.

Cruz gets to look like the gentleman who has been wronged.  He gets to paint Trump as desperate to turn around his poll numbers.

In other words, it could have been a setup in order to discredit Trump.

If I am right, then Trump's enemies may have found something that they can exploit.

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