Thursday, March 31, 2016

AP: GOP "afraid" of Trump's abortion views

But I thought he was supposed to be a liberal.  Oops!  His views were too much for them, evidently.  Now, who is being insincere??????


Reading over the responses to Trump of so called conservatives, I'm thinking agreeing that Rush's complaint about these people not listening and paying close attention to what's being said has become something of a problem.  Trump's statements do not appear to be much different than what George H. W. Bush (the elder) said in a debate in 1988.  I remember that one.  Bush said that there would have to be punishment for getting an abortion.  Trump statement seems pretty close to what Bush said, but I don't remember so called pro life activists complaining about it.  Of course, the so called pro choice activists denounced it.

Trump walks it back, but funny how it seems that the so called conservatives got damaged by this.  Why should it damage them?  It damages them because it shows their insincerity on the issue.

If Trump isn't sincere, then how do they claim it for themselves?  They can't.  Neither can they connect the dots either between what Trump actually said and what they claim he said.

Trump didn't say that this should be public policy.  He only said that if it were, women should be punished for having abortions.  That's somewhat different, I'd say, from what they are claiming that he said.

It all fits in with Stevan Molyneax's observation that Trump forces these responses, then wins the news cycle.

How did the so called conservatives win this news cycle if they are complaining about damage?


I notice that it was Chris Matthews that interviewed Trump.  I'd say that to let himself be interviewed by that leftist hack was definitely courageous, yet Cruz is accusing Trump of being afraid to debate.

Hey Cruz!  Let yourself be interviewed by Matthews and let's see how you do.


I was relying upon memory with respect to Bush, but here's the proof.  Check it out, at about 42 minutes, he says basically the same thing as Trump did.


I suppose that I have covered this topic about as deeply as I can.  One more thing...  The women will say that criminal charges against them would be unfair, as they don't get pregnant by themselves. Yep, that would appear to be so.  Therefore, if it were possible to write a law that holds the man responsible as well, then you might get somewhere with this.  Otherwise, an abortion ban cannot be enforced, which makes the issue moot.

Just saying.

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