Wednesday, March 29, 2017

One week down, five more to go

This is going to take a long time.  Even after the treatments are completed, it will take time to know what the final results will be.

Pain seems to be increasing.  The treatments in and of themselves are painless.  But the doc says nerve damage may be unavoidable.  Could that be happening?  Will have to ask that at the next meeting, which is once per week.

I watch a lot of teevee these days.  Don't get around much, and just as soon not.  Even teevee gets boring after awhile.  The internet news isn't much better.  My mind turns to the off-grid project.

I am leaning towards parking the trailer in Van Horn, and driving out to the ranch.  But it is much too early to make that kind of decision.

If I can do that, I would like to consider some ideas.

Lately, I have been considering concrete canvas.  It would be a way to avoid having to pour so much concrete.

It would also be something I could do myself.  The downside is the risk of failure when the margin of error is next to nothing.

It would be best to have help, though.  Too big for me alone. 

But all of this will have to wait.  How long?  The doc was vague about that.

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