Saturday, April 1, 2017

More teevee

Just lounging around here.  The reason is that I get sore when I drive around.  If I keep off the roads, I will feel better.  But that means hanging around the house, so what do I do with myself?  Watch teevee, amongst some other things.

One thing I watched was Joel Osteen.  You may have heard of him as "America's Pastor".  Not everybody approves of him.  As for me, I cannot find any great fault in him, but I do remember him saying something questionable about Houston's lesbian ex-mayor.  This morning seems not so bad.  One has to always be on one's guard, though.  This is how questionable stuff can take root.

Sometimes you have to take a stand against "Caesar".  This might hurt.  But that is not what some folks, such as Osteen, may not understand.  Osteen is supposed to understand.  It is a problem if he doesn't, because he is in charge of the sheep.

Do I understand it?  Heh, heh, heh.  Not so sure I do, myself.  I don't like pain, it hurts me.  A little Daffy Duck lingo, there.

Next thing I watched was a nature show.  There was one about bees.  The dude said America has lost half of its bees.  Really?  You wouldn't know that around here.  There's plenty of those in this place.  Got a bee hive located just around the corner from my room. 

Just think.  If I knew how to handle these bees, I would hit the jackpot with all that honey.  Maybe no need for pain.  Daffy would approve.

There's another one with otters.  But I have the sound down right now.  What are these people saying?  For that, I have to stop posting, and start watching.  Think I won't turn it back up, so I will have to miss that.

Just a thought here.  There's a lot of stuff on this blog.  I could easily forget a lot  of it.  It may profit me to go back over what I have written.

Enuff for now.

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