Friday, August 11, 2017

This could be bad

The more you think about this Korean stuff, the more worrisome it seems.

So, why not just come out and say it, that this is potentially some really bad stuff about to happen.

There is something familiar about all this.  If you recall back in 2000, the Dems made a big stink out of winning the popular vote, and losing the electoral vote.  It doesn't matter legally, but since they won the popular vote, they must feel it gives them some right to act like world class jerks.  America needs to be united, because a major crisis could be dead ahead.

Now history is repeating itself, in a way.  But we don't know yet what the bad thing will be.  History showed in 2001 that the World Trade Center was hit with a terrorist attack.  Could something similar occur before the year is out?

If you look at the current situation, it is quite similar in some respects.  North Korea is not as powerful as America, but it can deliver a deadly blow if the EMP attack is feasible.  That is an asymmetrical threat.  Personally, I have no special knowledge to evaluate this, but I think it may be a threat.  Maybe a very big threat.

If not, then there is still a problem with the Norks perfecting their missile technology.  By splashing some missiles just offshore from American territory, they can make the US look weak and helpless.  This cannot be good on the international stage.

The international stage may not interest you, but it is still necessary because of the way the globalists set up everything.  For America depends upon the rest of the world for everything now, whereas in the old days, before this globalist one world order thing developed, she could produce everything she needed right here.  America First could be implemented then, but now?  Maybe not.

The thing that could upset the apple cart is the dollar's status as the world's reserve currency.

Consequently, if America loses its reserve currency privilege, then there will be huge consequences in the economic sphere.  This could be the game that the rest of the world is playing on us.  Yes, the rest of the world is going to matter if you like that or not.  The globalists seem to think the rest of the world likes us, but they would just as soon see America knocked off the top, and replaced by anyone else.  Even America's so-called allies aren't really her friends.  They just play her for a sucker.

One of these days it could all come to an end, and that time could be now.  If American military might is shown up, that could have severe repercussions as far as the dollar's reserve currency status.  With that eventuality, the economy could implode.

Yes, this could be bad.  Of course, the usual suspects are running their mouths off.  If it happens, it will be all Trump's fault, of course.

Yeah, but if you starve it won't matter whose fault it is.

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