Monday, August 7, 2017

Prediction: Trump won't last

Originally posted 8.3.17, updated


So, Limbaugh is on his show saying that the "swamp" intends to do away with Trump.  Question: So, what do we all do about it?  Just let them do it?

In my opinion, the people behind this are destabilizing the country, and besides that, do not care that they are doing it.  Can things really return to any sense of normalcy after they pull off a stunt like this?

If I am right, then this should be emphasized to the public.  If it is the truth, then it should not be hard to sell.

Fire Mueller's ass.  If you have the country behind you, the swamp is going to have to relent. 

Otherwise, there will be a lot of blood.

Know what I mean, Vern?

8.4.17 :

Wargaming this would show that there would have to be a significant number of RINOS to join the Dems to impeach, and then to convict in the Senate.  The question is this:  do they have the votes?

As of July, there were 240 GOP House members.  The majority is 218.  That means 22 would have to jump to the Dem's side.

Once impeached, the Senate tries the case.  To remove a POTUS requires 2/3 rds majority.  That means 67 votes.  There are 52 GOP Senators.  Fifteen would have to flip.  Not impossible.

I can bet you that these guys are just salivating at the opportunity.  What would stay their hand?  A massive backlash?  One would wonder what it would take to get these people to back off.  I would think the removal of a POTUS without just cause to be highly destabilizing.  Their names would be mud amongst a good many people, I would expect.

At this point, I don't know.  If Graham and company can get the bills that they want that would limit Trump, this would be an important test.  It may be a bluff, but you never can tell until they make a move.  A big clue was the Obamacare vote.  They had seven defections.  That's not even close.

Someone is going to make a move eventually.

original post follows:

Really, really hate to write this.  Couldn't hate it more.  But there's a lot of evidence to me that these guys are going to move Trump on out.

It is just a matter of how and when.

If the House flips to Democrat, they will probably impeach.  The Senate?  They won't protect Trump.

Now, all of us may be getting our buttons pushed, and none of this will happen.  However, look at the facts.  The facts on the ground support it.  If Trump was safe from this, the facts on the ground would be different today.

Sessions would not have recused.  There would be no Mueller.  The legislative agenda would be moving forward.  Trump's people would be getting confirmed.  Instead, his government is being strangled in its crib.

What can be done about this :  vote GOP?  They don't inspire confidence at all.

How does Trump survive this?  I just cannot see it.

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