Thursday, August 10, 2017

Rush: Democrats will keep losing

Limbaugh says that the Democrats will keep losing.  This will happen even though it may appear otherwise.  Limbaugh makes the distinction between the Party and the Media.  The Media doesn't have to get elected.  ( but they do have to hold an audience )

Interesting theory, but let's see it in practice!

Democrats still win a lot of the time.  I blame them for the mess we are in.  Of course, I also blame the GOP for not doing enough about it.  But here's Limbaugh telling us that it doesn't matter, the Dems will lose anyway.

On another note, if the GOP believes it will win in any case, then does that explain why they won't do anything?  Just a thought.


My verdict on this kind of thinking is that it assumes that an impeachment of Trump will make no difference in voting patterns.

This is an absurdity.  There can no other outcome from an impeachment of Trump and removal, than a catastrophe for the GOP.

The why do it?  It makes no sense, unless they just don't care.

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