Monday, January 16, 2017

Club Soda Run

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Another post in the water sub series in the main off the grid series of posts.

This distillation run will use water obtained from using club soda to cause solids to precipitate out of the water.  It will also feature the use of siphoning to take such water and use it also as a coolant while filtering it out and collecting it as a sample to be used in said distillation run.  ( sounds complicated, huh?)

This sample will have a much larger TDS number of close to 300 ppm.  Yet, the water will be clearer because of the solids coming out via the club soda.  I do not know if the water will stay clear, though.  Distillation using these materials seems to add junk back in.

But the Brita filter may get it out.  We will see.  Results later on the updates.


Results:  About a five hour run.  Collected eleven ounces, lost three.  Much better.  Quality was thirty six ppm.  A run through the Brita didn't make much of a difference.  Water is fairly clear, there's a slight rubbery smell.  Obviously, not useful for drinking, cooking, or dishwashing.  Might be useful for laundry.  Especially certain types of laundry that are likely not dressing up kind of laundry.  I am thinking work clothes.  Maybe okay for showering.  But not if going to town.

The siphoning is impressive.  Collected fifty ounces while using it to cool down the plumbing.

Energy use is still excessive.  But it should be kept in mind that this isn't to be a serious device.

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