Thursday, January 19, 2017

Out of club soda

One thing I learned about myself along the way is that I tend to rush things when there is no need.  For example, when playing baseball on the sandlot, I'd field a ball hit in my direction, then attempt to throw out the runner.  Often, I'd rush the throw and throw wildly.  I'd notice other guys who would not rush things and throw smoothly and accurately.  I learned that I need to be more deliberate in my movements.

But these tendencies are well entrenched.  Even though I know about this, I still rush through things and not take my time.  Mistakes were made, and results were ruined.

So, I'm out of club soda and I don't want to make a run into town in order to get some.  I could run the water experiments anyway without it, but that may introduce error in my results.  Patience and deliberateness is needed.  I need to wait until the stores open, and take my butt into town and get some, doggone it.  I should not "rush the throw".

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