Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Obligatory, 1.18.17

Why the title "obligatory"?  I am, shall we say, obligated to keep putting up posts every day if I want to keep the blog going.  In other words, I have no material to put up.  Think of it like the expression-- "that's a good question".  If someone responds that way to a question with that expression, it means-- " I don't know".

There's not much material because I have been static firing my off-the-grid project.  Another expression, this "static firing".  It means a practice run.  If I am going to get my water usage way down, I need to practice the techniques needed to do that.  That is what I have been doing, and believe me, it is hard work.  Only a crazy Texan like me would do something as oddball as this.

As a consequence of all this business, ( busy  ness , get it ?), there's not been much time to keep track of the news and such.  Trump is about to be inaugurated, and these lefties are still going nuts over it.

The so-called right wouldn't do this over Obama.  No guts.  To do this over Obama, which had an authentic cause behind it, would have been condemned as "racist".  Nobody on the so-called right had the nerve to take on that chore.  Even though it was "obligatory".

Only thing is that those who did take it on, like Trump, missed the mark.  If you were going to question Obama's legitimacy, it had to be over the term "natural born citizen".  This meaning has been changed over the years.  Now a guy like Obama can be elected even though there has not been anything changed in the Constitution that directly references it.  Only an indirect reference at best.

People are not equal.  The fourteenth amendment didn't change who could be elected president, anyway.  The left take equality, and turns it on its head.  You might say that they fake us all out.

Isn't it odd that the left has managed to make an authentic American ineligible, but the so-called right could not and would not defend the Constitution?  They wouldn't do it even though it was obligatory for them to do so even if they didn't make it their core reason for being.  The so-called right are fakes.  Too many fakes in this country. 

The left wants to keep America fake, not great.  The so-called right need to be authentic for a change.  No more fake outs.

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