Friday, January 13, 2017

Water and energy are the keys to success

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Another post in the water sub series in the main off the grid series of posts.

First order of business: tie together the previous two posts about water, which were not included in this series.

Success of my "moonshot" depends upon water and energy.  Isn't it rather convenient to have a device that will do both?  A fuel cell will.  I priced one, and yes it is expensive.  It will also need additional equipment in order to do what I want.  I figured on making those devices myself.

Distillation devices will be easy.  Osmotic devices should be easy, relatively speaking.  The thing that may be hard is to convert smelling salts into ammonia.  Why smelling salts?  Safety.  It would be hard to argue against it if it were to be done that way.

Anyway, this post is about the distillation device.  It is only an experiment, but it is useful practice for yours truly.  I will make a new video with my improvements.

I have the device nearly ready for another test.  It is designed to use energy in the most efficient way, with the least losses of water vapor.

This post will go up without the video.  I will update it later with the video once I get it ready.


And here it is...

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