Thursday, January 12, 2017

Audit the Fed and the gold supply

All of this madness I mentioned is distracting Trump from what he should be doing.  He should be exposing the malfeasance of the prior administration, and why that is hurting this country.

It is hurting this country so badly that it could be fatal.

I suspect that a lot of "naked shorting" of gold has taken place.  A naked short is to short without having the actual goods to short.  It is basically a type of fraud.  The government has allowed this because they need the gold price to stay down so as to appear to have things under control.  To short- without-having-the-goods ( naked short ) is making the supply to appear to be bigger than it truly is.  This will have the effect of depressing prices.

The true price of gold should be much higher.  If there was an audit, it may provoke a crisis.  Precisely why they don't want an audit, in my opinion.

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