Wednesday, January 11, 2017

No more Mr. Nice Guy

Alice Cooper, anyone?

Since my medical "care" is going nowhere fast, I have some time on my hands.  Too busy to be sick, I guess.

Now for the meanie stuff.  You will have to put up with it until I can croak and get it over with.

That story about Memorial Hermann, wow.  I never presented myself as having insurance.  I asked them to set me up on self pay, which I thought they did.  They call me and say it is on, and so we get all set for the biopsy, and what happens?  They cancel me because I don't have insurance.  They drop me like a hot potato.

Typical stuff.  If you think that is the exception, you would be mistaken.  MD Anderson seemed to be the ticket.  They got great reviews over at the Facebook page that I was visiting.  It is private, you know.  The general public can't see it, so I cannot show it to you.  It is all touchy feeling nonsense, if you ask me.  The referral to MD Anderson was just so much hooey.  That is what you get today.  Just a lot of fake stuff.  Anyway, I wrote something mean just now over there.  They will probably ban me from the "Woolsworth" for this.  FYI:  this happens after the Facebook post.

Fake news is nothing compared to fake medical care.

If only the fakery ended there.  But it is EVERYWHERE.

If you think Limbaugh is the answer.  Forget it.  It looks like he changed his website so that now you have to pay to see anything.  Reminds me of what the New York Times does.

Even Barnhardt cannot get it right.  Her "parable" was about Taco Bell having to shut down because of cockroaches.

I'm from Houston.  If you cannot get medical care there, you can certainly find cockroaches.  Let me let you on to a secret.  You can get rid of them.  I did, and didn't see one for twenty years.  It can be done.  Not one stick of that building had to come down.

You do not destroy a building because of cockroaches.  Now you would for termites.  But cockroaches don't eat wood, and don't destroy the integrity of a building.  They're filthy, slimy little nuisances all right, but they can be eliminated. 

What it requires is competence.  Something sorely lacking in our increasingly fake society.

Just thought you might want to know before "Atlas Shrugs".  The crash will be loud.

Instead of America the Beautiful, it can now be called America the Fake.  No more Mr. Nice Guy.


I should add that the Social Security Administration is not acting right either.  That's what I spent my time on yesterday. 

I didn't file online, but they say I did.  No way.  I contracted with an advocacy group to represent me, and to do my claim for me.  Now, the thing I did do was to provide info and do it online.  However, somehow, the claim got made even though I didn't "push the button" to finalize the claim online.  That's because I decided to go the advocacy route.  As far as the Social Security Administration is concerned, that online application should not exist because I had not submitted it.

I went over this with a representative of Social Security, but they can't undo what has been done.

The advocacy group knows about it too.  Nothing they can do.

So, why bring it up?  That's because this bureaucracy keeps acting like none of this happened.  Nothing I say in protest will make any difference.  If the claim is denied, it could be because of this.

Who knows why they did this.  Maybe because I keep "mouthing off"?

Wouldn't surprise me if it were true.

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