Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Obligatory, 1.11.17

The media keeps pushing the Russian "hacking", so to speak.  Why do you suppose that they are doing this?

Frankly, I do not take the media seriously.  They are just making a lot of noise.  It isn't worth responding to.

On the whole, the left is anti-reason, anti-thought, anti-freedom, and anti-American.  It is totally without grounds for them to claim that Trump is anti-American.  As if they were pro-American themselves?  Ha. ha. ha.

Yet, they can and probably will win again someday.  Maybe soon.  All that is necessary is for Trump and the GOP to make a mistake.  Just one slip up, and these loons will be back in charge.

Other examples of their insanity abounds.  AGW Theory, for example.  It is not even science.  It is a belief system.  Gases do not "trap" heat.  Quite the contrary.  Gases dissipate heat.  Gases do not collect heat.  It is not in the nature of a gas to trap heat.  If gases trapped heat, heat engines would be impossible.  Heat engines do not use liquids nor solids.  These do not dissipate heat the way gases do, and that is how a heat engine works.  If it weren't for heat engines, there would not have been an Industrial Revolution.  Perhaps this is what they really object to.  Particularly since it was accomplished by white Christian people.  AGW is rooted in the belief that white Christian people are destroying the Earth.  It has nothing to do with the facts, nor the evidence, nor any scientific theory.

There can be no truth in such an environment.  Two plus two will equal five or five hundred.  Everybody is entitled to their own "truth".

There is only one truth, and these guys are not in favor of it.

Put that in your crack pipes and smoke it, you lefties.

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